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Bike Trip to San Andrés Xecul   Villages north of Xela Villages south of Xela Weekly markets Takalik Abaj
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There is no better way to experience the farmlands around Xela, then a bike ride through this area to San Andrés Xecul. San Andrés Xecul is a small village where you’ll find the most curious church you can imagine. Painted with a mix of colors, blue, green, red, on a bright yellow background, it is a spectacular sight.

To get there it is necessary to cycle 13 km (5 km on asphalt and 8 km unpaved) through the fields of Mayan communities and maize fields.

Departure: 08:00h, back at 12:00
Departure: 14:00h, back at 18:00

What to bring: Water, snack or something to eat.

Included: Mountain bike, helmet, tools and guide.

Bike Trip to San Andrés Xecul

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