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During this tour we will visit three villages near Quetzaltenango.

Church of San Andrés Xecul

Famous colorful church: blue, green and red on a background of very bright yellow, which makes a spectacular sight. Located in the municipality of San Andrés Xecul, Totonicapán.

San Simon San Andres Xecul

San Simon is the? name given here to the much revered non-Christian deity, known elsewhere in Guatemala as Maximón. There are effigies of this saint in several places in Guatemala, including San Andres.

Church of San Cristobal, Totonicapan

This is one of the most important colonial churches in Guatemala, it is the best preserved colonial church in the region and the interior is impressive.

Visit to a local family

This family demonstrates the art of weaving textiles with a loom,something which the village is famous for throughout Guatemala. Furthermore, they let you get acquainted with "Caldo de Frutas" or red liqueur.

Church of San Jacinto, Salcaja

We also visit "La Ermita de la Concepción de la Conquistadora" in Salcajá. It is not the biggest nor the most colorful but it is very charming and besides, it’s the oldest in Central America. The building dates from the year of the conquest, in 1524.

departure 8:00, back at 11:30
departure 14:00, back at 17:30

Included: Transportation, guide and entrance fees


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