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Payment Methods

How can you pay us from a foreign country? Let us first say that banks are a bunch of th**ves. They know to steal a percentage in a variety of ways. That is not too bad if it's a small amount, but the greater the amount...

On the website we’ve put prices in Quetzales and in US-dollars.

The prices in Queztales are when you pay us in cash or deposit the amount on our Guatemalan Account within Guatemala.

The prices in US$ are for when you pay with a credit card or deposit the amount from another country. Some people will notice that prices in dollars are higher than in Quetzales. This because of the banking-costs. International banking in Guatemala is expensive. We also use a exchange rate of GTQ 7.6 to USD1 with the Quetzal price as base. In case of a booking we’ll re-calculate price with the current exchange rate.

For Europeans: there also possibilities to pay in Euro´s

There are several ways to pay us. Possible payment methods