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Tajumulco is the highest volcano in all of Central America. Tajumulco has two peaks. The higher peak at 4220 m has a crater 50 meters in diameter. The lower peak has an altitude of 4,100 meters.

There are two options for to climb this volcano:

Tajumulaco - Stay the night on the vulcano - 2 days.

Note: This is a tough hike and you should be in a good physical condition.

One of the best hikes in Guatemala brings us to the highest point in Central America where we have a beautiful view over every volcano in Guatemala. At sunrise you will see the chain of volcanoes along the Pacific coast of Guatemala, as well as the Pacific Ocean and Mexico. The walk takes 2 days in total: the first day we pick you up at 6:00h from your hotel / hostel and take you to our office to distribute food and equipment among hikers. After this we travel by public transport to San Marcos, and another bus to our starting point of the hike which lies at 2900m. The first part of the hike takes about 2 1⁄2 hours, up to 4000m, where we set up camp on a flat surface. We will then climb to the summit, which lies at 4220 m, and takes about an hour to complete. The next morning we climb back to the top to enjoy the view and the sunrise before descending again and returning to Xela.

Departure: Day 1 - 8:00h, back at: Day 2 +/- 14:00h

What to Bring: Sturdy shoes, well-fitting big trekking-backpack, warm clothes you can take off layer by layer, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlight, rain gear, hat, toilet paper, toiletries, camera and binoculars and possibly own camping gear. If you do not have camping equipment, we will provide it.

Included:, certified guide(s), equipment, entrance fees, (public-)transport, 4 meals (lunch and dinner the 1st day, breakfast and lunch the 2nd day) and 4 liter of purified water per person.

Optional: Horse to carry our gear.

There is also a 1 day version available. Ask us if you´re interested.

Most of the photo’s are taken by: Marvin W. Laynes

Tajumulco Vulcano

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