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4 day trek from Nebaj to Todos Santos

If you really want to discover unexplored Guatemala this is the best way. Both the Ixil triangle and the Cuchumantanes Mountains are two of the most beautiful areas of Guatemala where still very few touristsn come. This trek is one of the few opportunities to enter this area. During this trek we pass villages with no car access and where people still live in their own ways. Due to the poor accessibility of the villages this will hopefully remain so for some time, making a visit a unique experience. The area was unfortunately also one of the hardest hit areas during the "armed conflict". During the hike you will definitely hear some stories about what happened at that time.

We offer this trip in 4 days. 1 day of traveling (from Xela) and three days of hiking. Other operators use 6 days (2 travel days and 4 days of hiking), but by making certain choices it is very good to do in four days. In this way, this trip will fit in better with tight travel schedules.

The first day we travel in the morning from Xela to Nebaj. There we have lunch and do a short tour through the town. After this we’ll drive to the village of Acul. This village is beautifully situated in a circular valley. Some say it feels like you are in the Swiss alps. But this may also be because there are two famous cheese farms located in the valley, founded by an Italian from the Alps.

The next day we start the hike, in direction of Chortiz. We walk through fields, forests and villages. In Chortiz we sleep in a local hostel. +/- 8 hours of hiking

From Chortiz we hike towards La Capillania. During this day you will see a dramatic change in landscape. At La Capallania we take a pickup in order to bridge a boring flat stretch along the highway. We’ll sleep in La Ventosa with a local family. +/- 10 hours of hiking

The next morning we’ll climb "La Torre" with a local guide (to help the local economy). La Torre (3828m) is the highest non-volcanic peak in Central America. After this we descend to Todos Santos where we’ll arrive before lunch. In the afternoon we arrange transport back to Xela.

What to bring: Hiking boots, well-fitting big trekking-backpack, warm clothes you can take off layer by layer, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlight, rain gear, hat, toilet paper, toiletries, camera and binoculars if necessary. If you want you can bring your sleeping bag. But try to travel light!

Included: All public-transport from Xela and back (chickenbusses), 3 nights accommodation in basic hostels or homestays, guide, equipment, 10 meals and local guide near Todos Santos.

Optional: Private transport, visit and stay in one of the cheesefarms in the region.

We can adapt the trip to your needs!

For Example: Start the trip from another location, private transportation, luxury accommodation in Acul and more

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